Notes from the Black Lagoon

The kids call her “The Laminator”…

Posted on: February 11, 2008

Hello world! Ok, so I do love to laminate and I also love The Librarian from the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler, but this blog is dedicated to all things Children’s Services in a public library. I, myself, am the head of Children’s Services at an urban library in Massachusetts. I have a wonderful staff of 7 and wear many, many hats in this job, so I thought I would start a blog about the ins and outs of running a children’s room. It’s hard work, but a lot of fun. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and reading yours! More tomorrow….it’s 5 o’clock and it’s quittin’ time.


2 Responses to "The kids call her “The Laminator”…"

She’s so modest, that would be “Intrepid Laminator” not to mention “Hamster Wrangler Extraordinaire” but fear her not, luckily, she’s on our side.

I can attest, in the voice of twenty-five years experience in this position in a former life, that she’s not kidding when she says she wears many, many hats. And she wears all those hats well so trust me when I say she’ll have lots to say and share.

I,too, wear many hats at a small public library and have had many years of experience as Head of a Children’s Room. Wearing many hats better prepares you as an information specialist and, also, gives you a better understanding of how a library works from the ground up.

Good for you to have a hamster in the Children’s Room. Many children, readers and non-readers, must want to visit the library pet and perhaps learn a little something about taking care of a pet. It’s a great way to draw children in and they just might want to check out a book or dvd on pets!

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