Notes from the Black Lagoon

Blogging is taking over my life

Posted on: February 14, 2008

Ok, so when I started this, I thought this would be a cool and fun thing to do every now and again. I wasn’t even sure that I had a lot to say. But now I realize how foolish that was! Now, I find myself thinking about subjects for posts all day and composing them in my head! I’m not getting any work done. My cataloging has suffered (yes I have to catalog…sigh). My patrons have suffered! I’ve even said to my fiance, “Could you hang on a sec, I just need to finish this post”. So I’ve a sit-down with myself and we’ve decided to set down some limits: Once a day, no more than a half hour. That’s it!

Anyway, we just got a new shipment of DVDs that I ordered, including seasons 1 & 2 of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. For the uninitiated, this live-action series was filmed all over the world in the early 90s and featured Indy as a kid and a young man. In each episode, Indy meets up with a famous historical figure (like TR or Churchill) for some crazy, swashbuckling adventures. The DVD version has been a bit edited from the original TV series according to Amazon, but got good reviews all around. The third season is coming out in April.  My fiance was OBSESSED with this show as a kid and now we’re both huge fans of the movies. Since I catalog, I get first dibs on new stuff! I can’t wait to bring this home to Patrick! Oh yeah and I’m excited for our patrons to see it..

Check out the trailer for the new Indy move that’s coming out on May 22. I’m skeptical. Not that I’m ageist, but Harrison Ford in his 60s playing Indy??? Plus there have been various reports of problems with the script. We’ll see.


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