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Facebook, Cataloging, and Errol Flynn

Posted on: February 15, 2008

What do these two things have to do with each other? Nothing, unless you count Facebook as a convenient distraction from cataloging. Which I need to do today. Anyway, initially, I was against Facebook, saying that people with a real life don’t spend time on Facebook. HA! Another thing I was wrong about. Now that I have a Facebook account, I find it so much easier to keep in touch with my friends. For me, that’s essential as I’ve moved away from my hometown in New York and most of my college friends live all over the country. Recently, I just reconnected with two friends I met while living in Ireland for my junior year abroad! I hadn’t heard from them in ages and I just found them on Facebook. We’re all very happy to hear from each other and I’m hoping Patrick and I can maybe (and when I say maybe, I mean I have to convince Patrick) to go to Ireland on our honeymoon. In a professional sense, I’m also hoping I can connect with some other children’s librarians on Facebook. I’ve joined a few librarian groups on Facebook to see what’s going on. Nothing yet, but perhaps I’ll start a group for Children’s Librarians in MA.

Back to cataloging. This is another hat I wear here in Children’s. At the TPL, the Children’s Room is sort of like it’s own mini self-sufficient library. Both myself and my other full-timer, Mary Beth, catalog and process all of our materials and have complete freedom to put them where we like in our collections. It also means we know our collection REALLY well since we see everything before it goes on the shelf. The negative side is that cataloging is a total time-suck. I always have to do it and keep on top of it. It stops me from doing as many story times and programs as I would like. And I’m also not terribly detailed-oriented, so that means I’m not the best cataloger. I try though. A mixed bag all around. If you do catalog at your library, I would highly recommend OCLC’s Dewey Cutter Program for your desktop. This software allows you to type in the author’s last name or title or whatever and generates 4 digit Cutter numbers based on that. It’s a lifesaver when I’m doing my call numbers and I couldn’t live without it.

A final note: I love Errol Flynn. Patrick got me into Errol Flynn movies after we watched The Adventures of Robin Hood. Right now, we’re watching Captain Blood, but my favorite Errol Flynn movie is The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex with Bette Davis playing Queen Elizabeth I and Flynn as Robert Devereaux. Bette Davis is AMAZING as she plays an Elizabeth full of complications and rage and Flynn is her match as the charming but treacherously power-obsessed Devereaux. Fabulous movie.


2 Responses to "Facebook, Cataloging, and Errol Flynn"

If you make it, I will join! I’m a big Facebook fan, too…
I was working at the fabulous Sturgis Library in Barnstable on the Cape (see our teen blog, but as of March I’m the Fairhaven kids librarian. 🙂

Laura- I will put on my ever-growing list of tech to-dos. Welcome to SAILS and good luck at Fairhaven. Do keep in touch and let us know what you’re up to there!

PS- I posted your blog in my blogroll!

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