Notes from the Black Lagoon

More Errol Flynn (like you can ever get enough Errol Flynn)

Posted on: March 12, 2008

So, in my home life, I’m a big movie buff. Patrick and I are obsessed with Netflix and we’re on a huge Errol Flynn kick right now. I might have mentioned that before…

Dodge City movie posterAnyway, we just watched Dodge City starring EF and Olivia De Havilland (with whom he starred in 8 films total). Amazing western that basically revived a dying genre for movie go-ers at the end of 1930s. It’s made in this incredible early Technicolor and looks completely saturated with vibrant color. Flynn plays Wade Hatton ,a hard-nosed Irish cattle trail boss who’s tough attitude wins him the job of sheriff for the sleaziest city in Reconstructionist Kansas (Can you guess what city??). De Havilland is his love interest and portrays Abbie Irving, a young women who originally came to Dodge City with one of Wade’s cattle drives. After the tragic death of her brother, Abbie’s hatred of Wade nearly prevents them from teaming up to save Dodge City from crime lord, Jeff Surrett. Once again, EF steals the show with incredibly intense acting and much-needed comic relief.

Check it out, even if you aren’t really into westerns. This will get you into them!


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