Notes from the Black Lagoon

I am Ironman!

Posted on: January 21, 2009

Hi, my name is Kate and I love superhero movies. I love them. I never read comic books as a kid and I’m not really that into graphic novels. But I can’t get enough of  superhero movies. I’m so psyched that Marvel Comics has developed their own movie studio and produced an awesome little movie you may have heard of: Ironman.

Even though I do love superhero movies, I’m the first to admit they are not all perfect. In fact, in the past few years, the genre has seen some great triumphs (Spiderman 2, anyone? Or how about X-Men 3? So good) and some sad failures (The Incredible Hulk…groan). But Ironman is perfection! It has good guys! It has bad guys! It has cool gadgets. It has a superhero suit! It has a great plot! It presents deep philosophical questions! It has Robert Downey, Jr! IT HAS ROBERT DOWNEY, JR!!!!! I can’t emphasize my enjoyment of that last one enough.



If you’ve been living under a rock since last summer, Ironman brings us to the story of Tony Stark, super-hot, playboy, billionaire genius who manages to dream up the latest military weapons technology AND leave the ladies wanting more. After being kidnapped by terrorists who own weapons designed by Stark Industries, Tony builds his own superhero suit, rescues himself and seriously begins to question his own role in and assumptions about the consequences of American military power.

The film is filled with special effects, but they don’t overwhelm the plot or the questions that Tony is wrestling with. The coolest scenes blend special effects with amazing camera work as you see Tony fly for the first time in his newly-built Ironman suit. I’m not sure how they managed it, but it really does feel like you are really flying above Los Angeles.

Finally, we come to my favorite part of Ironman: Robert Downey, Jr. Not only is he hot, but also manages to inject the film with charm and humor. Seriously, I love how Downey combines Tony’s bravado with a vulnerability. But he’s also hot. I mentioned that, right? There other some other people in the movie called Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges and Terence Howard. They’re pretty good too. Especially Gwyneth, given that I usually despise her. But her performance as Pepper Potts was so good and she had such chemistry with RDJ that I actually despise her LESS. But only a little less.

Clearly, you need to go borrow Ironman from your library and love the superhero goodness.


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