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Wiki Wiki

Posted on: January 22, 2009

Just a quick update from a continuing ed. workshop here at SEMLS. I’m at our regional library system’s office learning all about the joys of wikis and dreaming up ways that I could incorporate a wiki into the TPL’s website. Right now, we’re experiencing technical difficulties with the presentation and are on a break. Seriously, wikis are cool. You can post a large amount of info that can be shared and edited by tons of other folks. If you have ever used Wikipedia, you know what wikis can do! Right now, I’m considering creating a Story Time Wiki for my staff to compile past story time ideas by subject.

At our last Youth Services Roundtable, several librarians (including moi) got excited about starting a Story Time wiki for our whole region. Librarians from across SEMLS could edit and upload story time ideas, craft templates, bibliographies for a subject….the fun could go on forever. I think some librarians are still afraid of the technology, but I really do think we could learn so much more from each other with a wiki! Most children’s librarians are pretty isolated geographically in their own little libraries, trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to story time. Why not have one place where colleagues can exchange ideas and not feel so alone?! We’ll see if that idea gets off the ground, but it has definitely prompted me to expend my tech horizons.

FYI- Wiki comes from the Hawaiian term “wiki wiki” meaning “quick quick”! Pretty acurate, no?


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